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New Year, fresh start - Adminperson 2/01/05, 04:30

Time to forget about the past and get on with the future. Halo2 on XBL is not looking like a viable option for clan matches, maybe XBConnect will be a better option. Halo CE is now so dead the neighbours are complaining about the smell.. But Halo PC is still going strong, its even possible clanbase will return to PC.some day. Untill then we will have to use CE for matches only.




MORT HITS 18 - Sundance 3/12/04, 17:50
Its official the SPAMKING Mort hit the big 18 today Friday 3/12/04. The clan would like to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and get sloshed mate.

Its OUT !!! - AdminPerson 11/11/04, 12:18
Halo 2 is here Abandon your PCs and cross over to the Xbox side

NOT in Hibernation - AdminPerson 25/10/04, 15:51
Despite what you see on Clanbase, {ßT} has not been hibernated. We are still here and ready for action. We have been hibernated by a person using Sundances ID, luckily after speaking to Clanbase we know who this was. The hibernation was part of an ongoing attack on {ßT}. We have proof that our teamspeak, website and Clanbase have all been abused by the same person. We are contacting the persons ISP, reporting them to Clanbase and will be banning them permenantly from all our servers. We recommend all other clans do the same thing.

{ßT} DEDICATED SERVER - Sundance 24/10/04, 12:09
As of next week sometime. The Black Tower will have its own Dedicatd server. Thanks to all the clan for their contributions to make this a reality. Thanks also go to XLS for his help and input. Details of the new dedicated server IP and TS will be posted on the forum when we get them.

The New Forum - AdminPerson 17/09/04, 18:52
The New Forum is up and running
The URL is

Go there and sign up NOW



Teamspeak details
Please note that as of 30/10/2004. The clan teamspeak has effectively changed, the IP details of the server are as follows: password details can be gained by asking the Clan Leader. very nicely


Dedicated Server
This has become a reality. The Black Tower Clan is pleased to present there dedicated server to you all. Thanks to all the clan for this and hope you all enjoy it.


HALO PC Server CTF Only
HALO CE Server

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